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Sending the perfect "Gift Unbasket".

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I have always been one of those who have gone "against the grain" in life. I've always wanted to be original in my personality and style. There is no difference in my gift giving. When I give a gift to a friend, family member, or even at the request of a customer I look to find the most memorable way to give a gift just as much in the content as in the packaging itself. Then when the lucky receiver of my thoughtful present actually receives this jewel they love it; knowing I spent countless hours thinking of them. In the years of BTPP (Before The Posh Petal) I had time to really really think long and hard on gifts and even create my own. Now that I am in the thralls of raising two young children and running a business, well in the words of Sweet Brown "Ain't Nobody Got Time For That."

I feel very confident and know that after listening to me during this blog post your speed shopping, gift giving skills will excel. Your new skills will far exceed your competition (scrapbookers or super organized people with time to hand make a gift. WTH?). SO LISTEN UP!

#1 - Baskets are out! 

The term "Gift Basket" is old school and should be tossed in the ocean. Really? Why do we need a basket? They're bulky, hard to ship, what the heck are you going to do with it when you use all of the cool stuff inside of it other than use it for a new toilet paper display in your bathroom. Baskets are for BUNNIES! Be cool and think outside of the basket. What would you want your recipient to use their container for after they have used all of the awesome stuff inside? Not a toilet paper collector! So let's use a nice beach bag, a fun bowl, or some sort of decorative storage box. You can even use a platter or a nice wide vase to contain your awesome gifts. So unless it's literally Easter.. NO BASKETS!

#2 - Themed gifts (SUPPORT THOSE LOCALS!)

What better way to show your gratitude than with a great package that represents the place in which you live? Its not as difficult as you may think. Most of your local grocers will carry local products to support their local vendors. Another place to look is a farmers market for these great gifts. Local gifts is my favorite for those who have their own business or are looking to send a corporate gift to a client OR for a wedding as a welcome gift. You are now refreshing their memory on how awesome their stay was with you or your company! These gifts will be a lasting impression as a "Thank You/ Come Back Again" and can also be something you can collect multiples on to have ready at any given moment. Take for example my husband Chris. He travels for work quite often and usually will take a client out for a really nice dinner. One evening he took his client to a seafood restaurant and he couldn't forget about how good the cocktail sauce he tried while he was eating there. After the trip Chris ordered tons of this sauce and gladly tells everyone about it, where it was from, and what he was doing when he ate the sauce. This cocktail sauce created a fond memory for Chris and the restaurant in Portland has received several orders because of him wanting everyone to try the best cocktail sauce ever. 

#3 - Brand IT!

When giving a simple gift say it with style. In the picture below we created a nice, sleek gift to give to anyone who you know well enough to know they are a wine snob. There are lots of wine boxes available on line (just call us!) and having a roll of ribbon printed with your name or company logo or your monogram is a great touch to personalize your gift (also call us for the ribbon..). This client here went to Costco and bought the wine at a discount. They brought the wine to us and we did the packaging for them. Because we are all about custom work we can create a look for a ready to give gift that you can have at your finger tips. This is a memorable gift that your friends, family members, or clients will remember because of the packaging, and also because most vino has no expiration date and only improves with age.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek at all of these possible gifts to give and that its gotten your creative juices flowing. If there is not a creative bone in your body you can still follow these guide lines and tips to create the perfect gift! Now Sugar, if you still don't have the time just call us (713-686-8808). We are happy to do your "homework" for you! 

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